Hi there! My name is Roman Garcia. I’m an academic, systems administrator and educational technologist, originally from the Bronx in New York City.

Our borough is the proud birthplace of literary critic Harold Bloom, theorist Leo Bersani, el salsero Willie Colón y más personalidades que se pueden nombrar aquí.

These days, I am an American living abroad, fortunate enough to call the Rheinland my home.

When it comes to research, I am a comparativist of the humanist bent: I studied German in college, mainly in Swabia, and learned Spanish in my adulthood, mainly in the Dominican Republic, als Ausländer y como extranjero.

I enjoy speaking, reading and writing in my native English and, wherever feasible, the other two. Sometimes the three overlap in zarte armonía – or a delicate harmony.

My background is typisch New York: soy una mezcla. (I’m a mix.) My family is Italian American and Puerto Rican. Great granddad was from the island of Ponza (pron. pawn-zah) in Italy and dad comes from Ponce (pron. pon-say) in Puerto Rico. The great-great grandparents are from Campania.

Owing to this bricolage, I have always been enamored by the queer, the “not quite right,” the askew. The remnants of my years of upbringing and education in the Roman Catholic faith are a certain double vision (or diplopia). Pero no lo sé. Quizás soy solamente un observador y en este blog muestro una serie de pensamientos nublados.